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Third Entry- Defend yourself from physical and emotional harm, all the while never again hurting yourself nor anybody else!

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Every time I hear of anybody committing suicide, or a homicide- I think, “This is so sad, both re that and ALSO when outsiders blame the people around the victims or perpetrators for not stopping others when they didn’t know how. This apparently happened for example with Jim Carey, after his ex-relationship lady committed suicide.

If only parents and teachers would bring up their children with only these two real immutable rules: A RULE AGAINST 1. ever hurting themselves; and against 2. ever hurting anybody else. ( both either physically nor emotionally ) . Instead use offensesiveless defense. Take other suggestions instead that let time pass and heal, all the while they discharge their negative emotions safely.

I did my doctoral dissertation on safely discharging the negative emotions of grief, fear, anger, boredom, tension, and physical pain.  Below has the emphasis on how to help yourself and help others take those two rules, HERE it is below:

Please take it as your own but do give credit to me as well please. Consider having me come to speak with your group, or do consultation or coaching with you either online or in person.

Dr. Mercola on Glyphosate

Substantial Amounts of Glyphosate Found in Food

The sad fact of the matter is, if you’re eating nonorganic foods, especially processed food, then you’re eating glyphosate on a regular basis. Farmers apply nearly 5 billion pounds (over 2 billion kilograms) of glyphosate to farm crops each year, worldwide.32 Approximately 300 million pounds are applied on U.S. farmland.

Testing has revealed 70 percent of Americans had detectable levels of glyphosate in their system in 2016; between 1993 and 2016, the glyphosate levels in people’s bodies increased by 1,208 percent.33 A recent investigation by journalist Carey Gillam34 revealed Roundup has been found in virtually all foods tested, including granola and crackers.

The Health Research Institute Labs (HRI Labs) has also conducted glyphosate testing, finding the chemical in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Other foods typically contaminated with glyphosate include grains, legumes, beans, orange juice and wine.

HRI’s testing also reveals people who eat oats on a regular basis have twice as much glyphosate in their system as people who don’t (likely because oats are desiccated with glyphosate before harvest). Meanwhile, people who eat organic foodon a regular basis have an 80 percent lower level of glyphosate than those who rarely eat organic.

Glyphosate May Affect Your Health in Several Ways

Glyphosate actually has a glycine molecule as part of its structure (hence the “gly” in glyphosate). Glycine is a very common amino acid your body uses to make proteins. As a result, a senior scientist at MIT, Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., believes your body can substitute glyphosate for glycine, which results in damaged proteins being produced.

Glycine also plays a role in quenching inflammation, as explained in “Glycine Quells Oxidative Damage by Inhibiting NOX Superoxide Production and Boosting NADPH,” and is used up in the detoxification process. As a result of glyphosate toxicity, many of us may not have enough glycine for efficient detoxification. According to research published in the journal Entropy in 2013, the main toxic effects of glyphosate are related to the fact that it:35,36

  • Inhibits the shikimate pathway, found in gut bacteria in both humans and animals
  • Interferes with the function of cytochrome P450 enzymes, required for activation of vitamin D in the liver, and the creation of both nitric oxide and cholesterol sulfate, the latter of which is needed for red blood cell integrity
  • Chelates important minerals, including iron, cobalt and manganese. Manganese deficiency, in turn, impairs mitochondrial function and can lead to glutamate toxicity in the brain
  • Interferes with the synthesis of aromatic amino acids and methionine, which results in shortages in critical neurotransmitters and folate
  • Disrupts sulfate synthesis and sulfate transport

Glyphosate also disrupts, destroys, impairs or inhibits:37

  • The microbiome, thanks to its antibiotic activity
  • Sulfur metabolism
  • Methylation pathways
  • Pituitary release of thyroid stimulating hormone, which can lead to hypothyroidism

How to Test Your Glyphosate Level and Eliminate It From Your System

The chemical has also been linked to an increased risk of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and lung cancer.38 Considering the possible dangers of glyphosate, it would make sense to minimize your exposure, and if you have high levels already, to take steps to detoxify it.

HRI Labs has developed home test kits for both water and urine, and if you have elevated levels, you can drive out the glyphosate by taking an inexpensive glycine supplement.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt recommends taking 1 teaspoon (4 grams) of glycine powder twice a day for a few weeks and then lowering the dose to one-fourth teaspoon (1 gram) twice a day. This forces the glyphosate out of your system, allowing it to be eliminated through your urine.       To read the full article:

The old decades

My insight for the day: When one looks in the mirror (perhaps to put on make-up), when in the old decades, one tends to see who one WAS, and not who one is. Photographically at least….

I have theories of the reasons,  do you? My conclusion is, please don’t show me a picture of me today,  and expect me to like it . Let me recall my photographs  of yore, and enjoy my fantasy face when I put my self together in my morning .

“Bi”, The Last Bastion


image I agree with the Masters and Johnson conclusion that essentially each human being’s  sexuality  is on a statistically normal curve: -3 standard deviations  meaning entirely homosexually inclined, over to +3 standard deviations meaning entirely heterosexually inclined.      Given a normal distribution,  68% of the population will fall between +/- one standard deviation from the mean!  Which means if one faces oneself honestly, it is rare  indeed to be completely gay or  strictly hetero.  So what are humans to do? Continue the same way?

I think that even if one keeps private where one stands on the continuum,  it is important not to be private between you and your partner(s).  It would be dangerous in today’s world to be otherwise, diseasewise.  One’s own promiscuity therefore would best need to be contained,  if one values being a respectable person– and honesty – as do I.  Ideally how can this be solved?

To my knowledge ,  many people who have come to know their real sexual and loving selves, have ended up with low self-esteem  or  nearly or actually committing suicide. Others have sunk to a low socially   acceptable  level by  resorting to much drugs and/or  alcohol  and the bar establishments, prostitution houses, and/or other manners  which results in low self-esteem,  poor life choices, and a forced need to flaunt society, etc.  It is less a matter of poor judgment  that leads to sinking to a  so-called low level rather than just not having enough good examples  of a bisexuality life to emulate.

Most people  cope by simply denying that side of themselves. Denial of self creates a plastic non-authentic person, among other things- such as being hypocritical and abusive to those perceived to be so different from you.

I’m just beginning to know what I want.  And now, March,2016  I’ve developed a model for it – that would bring happiness to me,  and two others . However finding those two people who would be honest and open with each other and me- and care about and love me  and each other is monumental – especially at my current  age. Had I started  knowing – in a good society – while young,  things might’ve worked out a lot better. Three weeks ago I thought I was possibly heading to happiness, but I wasn’t able to articulate exactly what I wanted,  and I chose a person who had betrayed and devastated me;  halting the kernel of a plan I had for our long time pleasure and another companion too for us. I became somewhat recluse, trying to resolve that situation, and now to move on. That’s my story.

Where are you on the continuum, and what would happiness sexually  and romantically look for you?

Where are you on the normal statistical curve?


Which standard deviation?  Over 68% of the population is in the average is -2 to +2

-5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5

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Drina, Glad to be the oldest living female descendent of prolific author Taylor Caldwell.


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First 2015 entry  Sleepless Brain

My theoretical conclusion: My theory is that years of 3 to at most 6 hours of sleep is a precursor to the brain being unable to clean out enough of its daily waste. Thereby leading to brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s, somewhat depressed internal feelings, possibly causing or contributing to my thyroid hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s disease, and even exaggerating Aspergers  symptoms.
Fact: according to TED TALK by Jeff lliff: and new findings in the science of sleep and how crucial a good night’s rest is to stop murky brain functioning and keep the brain’s plumbing and cerebral spinal fluid clear. The whole body except from the neck up has a lymphatic system. The sleeping brain essentially during the sleep cycles becomes it’s own lymphatic system, cleaning out waste from the spaces between itself; this full sleep of at least seven hours in my  opinion, will result in waking up “good as new”.
Anecdotal Evidence-
Me- Drina Fried: Ever since I got out from the thumb of Peggy FRIED, my mother, who put me to bed at 8 o’clock almost every night until I began high school – I began to work, study, and be with friends for so many hours that I only obtained 3-5 hours sleep on most nights. The rare times when I slept for eight and nine hours for more than three days in a row I felt better than ever. Now I am in my golden years. What used to be a “photo audio memory” has deteriorated so much that so that my legally married husband has been so exasperated because I cannot remember events, places we have been, and things he has told me. Not so horribly so that others recognize it. They say, “Well you’re getting older; you seem fine to me”, etc. When I lost most of my sense of smell right around 2 1/2 years ago, when I also began a new hair treatment. I haven’t eliminated whether my few years of using Regenix hair products is causing loss of smell yet. However my cardiologist was sufficiently worried enough to send me to the Cleveland clinic. They tested me and believed my husband’s statements and ordered an MRI. The brain MRI results stated that this is probably normal for my age, it recommended perhaps the doctor would want to continue with the spinal tap, because there were some lower lever signs compatible with overall loss.

So…before I have a spinal tap I would like to have about eight months of restorative sleep nightly, and then another brain MRI. If there is improvement that would be amazingly happily for me, the end of my story.
If my proposal to Dr. Wint is accepted, I will add a follow-up blog after up to a year of proper 7-9 hours of sleep and a follow up brain MRI. If he suggests a spinal tap now, Ouch, and fear that I will have negative side effects. I’ll also have a blog about the spinal tap, I think.
In the meantime I will continue my recent use of amber lights as much as possible in the evening (said to prepare the eyes/brain for sleep), wearing a sleep mask and earplugs during sleep, and my very recent use of dōTerra PastTense Tension Blend on my temples, forehead and back of neck just before lying in bed. For years I have been drinking a cup of chamomile tea and 3 mg of melatonin before bed, and will continue – but it hasn’t been enough for rather nocturnal me.
Will you please add your comment?: (I am especially interested in YOUR anecdotal sleep story, preferably involving attempts at maintaining and achieving success.) Thanks, Drina Fried